Fear Not. Just Believe

February 6, 2021

49 While he was still speaking, someone came from the synagogue leader’s house and said, “Your daughter is dead. Don’t bother the teacher anymore.”50 When Jesus heard it, he answered him, “Don’t be afraid. Only believe, and she will be saved.” 51 After he came to the house, he let no one enter with him except Peter, John, James, and the child’s father and mother. 52 Everyone was crying and mourning for her. But he said, “Stop crying, because she is not dead but asleep.” 53 They laughed at him, because they knew she was dead. 54 So he took her by the hand and called out, “Child, get up!” 55 Her spirit returned, and she got up at once. Then he gave orders that she be given something to eat. 56 Her parents were astounded, but he instructed them to tell no one what had happened.

Luke 8:49-56

Written by Reid Hughes from the Station Hill Campus

“Don’t be afraid.” If there is any phrase that is worthy of us learning and memorizing for the year 2020, it is this phrase. During this past year, we have experienced societal health, economic, and relational problems like never before in our lifetime. In fact, many believers have been tested in our own resolve of trusting in the sovereignty of God. The pressures of this past year have been a litmus test of true discipleship by asking the question: Do you still believe and trust God?

Our passage today is taken from Luke 8 of the story of Jesus’ demonstrating His deity by His miracles of healing. Jesus had returned by boat across the Sea of Galilee when a large crowd was waiting for him. There was one man in the crowd named Jairus, who was a leader or elder at the local Synagogue. Jairus was overwhelmed with emotions and fell at the feet of Jesus, begging Him to come and heal his daughter who had fallen sick. There are a couple of very important things here to point out: 1. Jairus was a Jewish community leader who normally would never have approached Jesus for anything; and 2. Jairus was an emotionally broken man. As the leader of the local synagogue, his public display of deep need and crying out to Jesus was exposing his deep humility.

When in your life have you been broken to the point that you didn’t care who saw your raw emotions and were humble to the point of asking for help? For many of us, that place of brokenness is rare and very hard to openly admit. But it is here in hopelessness that Jairus comes to the end of his self-sufficiency. His very daughter was facing an imminent death, and he was powerless to do anything to help her. It’s this place where God met Jairus, and it’s the same place where God will meet you.

Now that Jairus has publicly cried out to Jesus, his belief will be tested as his circumstance turns worse. While Jairus is pleading with Jesus to come, he receives word that his daughter has died. Oh no! What do you do when you are pleading with Jesus and your circumstance turns worse?

But here shows the beauty and love of God: Jesus intervenes and Jairus believes him. Regardless of the bad report AND Jesus’ reputation among the Jewish leadership, Jairus held on and believed Jesus could heal his daughter.

Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead which brought amazement. The word used here to express their reaction means to be so astounded or overwhelmed!

Jesus was demonstrating His deity and total ability to change anyone’s circumstance. All He is saying to you is, “Don’t be afraid.”

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. During 2020, have you experienced fear and anxiety?
  2. Just like Jairus, when you face a difficult circumstance do you respond in faith?
  3. How does this scripture instruct you in dealing with painful problems?
  4. Giving the opportunity, will you believe and trust Jesus differently next time you face an intense trial?

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