Enter at Your Own Risk

September 2, 2022

“…Enter and take possession of the land…”

Deuteronomy 1:8b

Postponing The Promise

Have you ever been known to procrastinate a good thing? As in, you’re aware that something so worthwhile is on the horizon, but you have to do the necessary prep work before you can receive it. We’ve likely all been there, just needing to move a few things around and tie up a few loose ends. Yet we lack the initiative to see our responsibility through to those ends. The things we want most seem to hold up the classic “Enter at Your Own Risk” signage, but to enter would mean missing out on our comfort. So, what then?

There’s not really a logical explanation for pushing back the process…yet we still waste valuable time that would only serve to bring our desires ever closer to us. It’s like we feel a pull toward something new and uncomfortable, but we just aren’t willing to move ourselves forward to action. If the choice seems to be between risking something and doing nothing, we so often choose the past of least resistance: nothing. Are we so busy postponing God’s promises in our lives that we’re putting off our responsibility and inheritance indefinitely?

Disconnected Desires

In Deuteronomy 1:7, the Lord extends to His people the game plan for getting to the land He promised their forefathers. In the next verse, He reminds them He’s already set this promised land before them. And in today’s portion of the same verse, we’re focusing in on the command He gives them next: “Enter and take possession of the land…”

It sounds pretty simple, right? They know where they’re going, and they know how to get there…so where’s the disconnect? It’s in their desire. Are they seeking after God’s best, or rather the comfort of knowing what to expect from their complacency? For us, as we journey with Jesus toward His promised eternal rest, we must ask ourselves the same question. Are we moved to action in pursuit of God’s best for us, or are we happy to remain in our apathetic idleness? It’s a question we have to wrestle with.

Not Your Risk to Take

When faced with the reality of obstacles, hardship, and discomfort, the “Enter at Your Own Risk” signs seem daunting and unappealing to us. Yet the only risk at stake is for our earthly comfort and security, which can’t serve to offer us anything truly lasting. The God who once made a way for the Israelites in their captivity and wandering keeps making a way for us, too—even here and even now.

All the risk that would be on us has instead been placed on Jesus, with His faithfulness on the forefront. When we move forward in trusting obedience, we will not be put to shame. There’s no entering at our own risk; Christ has already risked it all, and His promise fulfillment has not been found wanting. Come take part in the promises of everlasting He has already set aside for you. Let your 11-day journey not span into 38 years of wandering. Courageously move forward in faith.

Now What?

What desires has the Lord laid on your heart or actions you feel Him guiding you toward in faith? What’s stopping you from the passionate pursuit of His calling on your life? Is it fear? Worry? The desire for earthly stability? Ask Him to lead you to action for that which He will prove Himself faithful.