Does God Even See What’s Going On Here?

October 15, 2021

You eyes saw me when I was formless . . .

Psalm 139:16a

Written by Lauren O’Neill from the Station Hill Campus

Feeling Lonely?

When was the last time you felt alone—physically, mentally, emotionally? If this past year-and-a-half has taught us anything, it’s that there are different ways and layers of experiencing aloneness.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a Christian or a non-Christian—there are moments in life when our souls will feel alone. Sometimes, the darkness presses closer than we’d like, or our straining efforts go seemingly unnoticed. Sometimes, we don’t get the answers we prayed for, the results we wanted, or the desires of our heart we entrusted to His own.


What Do We Do Now?

In those moments, we feel unseen. We are afraid, or even angry. We might begin to question and doubt God’s presence and goodness, asking ourselves Does God even see see what’s going on here? But then we remember Scripture. Always, we must take our emotions and compare them to Scripture—and then submit them to the truth of God’s Word.

“Your eyes saw me when I was formless.” This is what the psalmist David wrote. Before he was born, before he even had form or shape, God saw him. Not only that, but all of his days were written and sovereignly appointed by God before a single day of his life began.


He Sees and Knows

God knew him. In other verses in this psalm, we read that God also continues to know him—when he sits, when he rises, and even when he moves to the farthest points of the earth. There is no escape from the presence of the Almighty (Psalm 139:2-8).

God is near to those who call on His name. Does God even see what’s going on here? The answer is yes. Whether or not our emotions make us feel alone, we can stand firmly on this promise of God—that He saw us first and that He sees us still. We are never, ever alone. And for those who are in Christ, we never will be.


Now What?

If you haven’t read Psalm 139 in a while, make some time to do so today. Take it verse by verse, praying and confessing each one to God. Who in your life is experiencing loneliness right now? How can you share these truths with them? If you are a parent, consider sharing these verses with your children and discussing them tonight at bedtime.

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