Disaster Response Update — Winter Storm Uri

Greetings from Katy, Texas 

Brentwood Baptist, hello! My name’s Omar Garcia. I’m the Missions Pastor at Kingsland Baptist here in Katy, Texas, and once again, you’ve blessed us!  

Help in a Time of Need 

You’ve blessed the people of our community by coming to the rescue with some very, very valuable and much needed plumbing supplies. The past week has been absolutely unprecedented here in Texas, as every single county in the state was under a severe storm warning.  

We have had pipes bursting all over town in their homes. Much like when Hurricane Harvey came, they’re flooding, but this time the flooding is coming from the pipes. So, we have had teams out in the community over the past several days. We had run out of plumbing supplies, and you came to our rescue! We are so excited about continuing to bless people in the community.  

In Partnership for the Gospel 

Because of your gift, over the next couple of weeks, we have dozens of families who are going to be helped and who are going to be able to have running water again. I can’t thank you enough for your partnership in the gospel and for your kindness.