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December 14

Proverbs 21:31

31 A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory comes from the Lord. — Proverbs 21:31

Get Ready

by Sally Cressman
Lockeland Springs Campus

Do you give strength to the horse?
Do you adorn his neck with a mane?
Do you make him leap like a locust?
His proud snorting fills one with terror.
He paws in the valley and rejoices in his strength;
He charges into battle.

In the movie Secretariat, Diane Lane (who played Penny Tweedy, the owner of Secretariat) recited Job 39:19-21. In this passage, God reminded Job that He was far superior to and the Creator of all things—even the horse. In the movie, everything hinged on this horse winning—the breeding farm, the family, the marriage, their finances. Secretariat won the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes, finishing an astonishing 31 lengths ahead of the next horse.

Horses were held in high esteem in biblical times. Countless horses and chariots equaled immense power for a nation. Mosaic law, however, prohibited Israeli kings from acquiring many horses to ensure that their confidence was grounded in God, not in their earthly possessions. The prophet Isaiah condemned the Israelites for collecting chariots and horses. “Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and who depend on horses” (Isaiah 31:1).

The horse offered false hope. Despite its great power, the horse provided no escape. The Egyptians witnessed this hard truth during the Exodus. All of Pharaoh’s horses, chariots, horsemen, and army drowned in the Red Sea. None of them survived (Exodus 14:28).

The same will be true for us. None of our false hopes will save us. We will survive only by the blood of Jesus. The only hope we have is Jesus. Nothing or no one will deliver us into the Father’s hands except Jesus—not our money, position, connections, location, education, resources or strength. 

It will be the rider of the white horse, Jesus, who is the victor when He returns from heaven to earth. This time the Prince of Peace will come as Judge and make war. The Savior who humbled Himself on earth as a baby with no crown will return as a Warrior-King with many crowns. He will render judgment on those who reject Him. He will slay nations by the word of His mouth. Whereas His birth was unnoticed by much of the world, everyone will witness His return (Revelation 1:7).

What a terrifying sight it will be for those who do not know Jesus. In the movie, before Secretariat raced in the Kentucky Derby, the caretaker shouted into the morning air, “You are going to see something you ain’t never ever seen before. Get ready!”

When Jesus returns, we are going to see something we ain’t never ever seen before. Are you ready?


  1. Who is Jesus to you? Does this Jesus match up with the Jesus in the Bible?
  2. What false hopes have you placed your security in? Confess them and return to God.
  3. What do you need to do before Jesus returns? What wrongs do you need to right? What actions do you need to take?