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August 15

Psalm 67:1-4

1 May God be gracious to us and bless us; may he make his face shine upon us Selah 2 so that your way may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. 3 Let the peoples praise you, God; let all the peoples praise you. 4 Let the nations rejoice and shout for joy, for you judge the peoples with fairness and lead the nations on earth. Selah — Psalm 67:1-4

Equal At the Foot of the Cross

by Melissa Hayes
Brentwood Campus

Recently, my husband and I enjoyed our first trip to Europe—seven countries in seventeen days. In the fourth country, and finally relaxed into the European culture, we were traveling by bus through the Tuscany region on our way to Firenze. I leaned against the large picture window early that morning, staring at the golden villas and the recently harvested hay fields whizzing by. Suddenly I noticed a sun ray piercing through the clouds, finding favor on a church steeple far back in the dark green hills. In that moment I felt the validation of something I had been taught and believed, but had never really experienced: we are all equal at the foot of the cross.

Every time I read this passage, I can’t help but hear contemporary composer John Rutter’s version of Psalm 67:1 playing in my head: “The Lord bless you and keep you....” God’s grace is for all people, and we should desire His face to shine on us. The writer of this passage inserts “Selah,” which commands us to stop, pause and think about these words. The writer then proceeds to give us the reason why: “So that your way may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.”

In our travels, I also noticed that praising God transcended all seven language groups we encountered. Seeing God’s joy reflected in our hearts, face and manner, a Filipino sister quickly identified us as family and befriended us for the next twelve days, and we encouraged each other daily in Christ. Reflection of praise can’t help but be noticed by others, especially Christians, because they can see Christ in you. I think of Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai, radiating Shekinah glory on his face because he had encountered God’s glory (Exodus 34:29).

No matter what nation we live in, what language we speak, what culture we embrace, or what work we do to feed our family, we are created for the same purpose: to have a relationship with Christ and with His people. Together we are to praise God with every ounce of our soul and existence.


  1. How is God’s light piercing your clouds and shining on you so you can reflect Him to those around you who may still be living in darkness?