Creative Ways to Love Your Neighbor

During this season of unknowns, where shelter-at-home and physical distancing orders are in place, it’s rather easy to isolate oneself from the world. That’s why our church wants to provide you with creative ways to remain in communication, grow in spiritual disciplines, and look out for the overall wellbeing of each other. We want to continue in our mission of engaging the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody. So, here are a few stories from across our campuses to help us love God and our neighbors well during this time of physical distancing.

“I wrote a thank you card and included the pamphlet, ‘Steps to Peace with God,’ in a baggie of Easter candy (wiped down with Clorox wipes, of course) and placed it in our mailbox. We also knew a package was coming via FedEx, so I taped a baggie of Easter candy to the front storm door stating, ‘Happy Easter – Thank You.’ When he brought the box to the front door, I was standing there and pointed to it. He got the biggest smile on his face and mouthed, ‘Thank you.’” —Betsy Fiorelli

“I have sent more statements of faith and Bible verses to various business associates in the last 2-3 weeks that I can ever recall doing. I pray that some of these seeds of faith sown will bear fruit through hope that is then shared, or perhaps some of these seeds will result in brand new growth of a new believer.” —Chip Bratten

“We moved into our house in December, but it wasn’t a convenient time to meet the neighbors. Since the quarantine has hit, I decided to get intentional about meeting them. Turns out that if you bake fresh cinnamon rolls, neighbors will smile as you leave the plate on their front porch. I’ve met six new families!” —Chris Ferrell

“We called local restaurants to ask if they knew someone on their staff that would benefit from extra groceries. We received a call back from one of the managers with three names, all of whom had families they were responsible for. We reached out to some of our friends and were able to give a $100 Kroger gift card and a board game to each of them. Upon delivering these gifts, we were privileged to meet one of the recipients. She was overcome with tears from gratitude. The hardest part was not embracing one another. But, we have a date to give each other a hug when this is all over!” —Greg and Tina Donmoyer

“Even in the midst of this pandemic, our Women’s Nurture Team has not skipped a beat. They have continued to seek ways to serve our congregation and community. Most recently they responded to a plea to make face masks, not only for Vanderbilt and Williamson County Hospitals, but for our church staff.” —Gayle Haywood

“I have been meeting an old friend to talk every other Tuesday for over a year. He is not yet a believer and our conversations tend to gravitate toward politics, sports, our families, or our community. Any time I bring up Jesus, the subject is quickly changed. However, that changed on our recent Zoom call. He told me that both he and his wife just lost their jobs. He said they were fine, but he was weary going from the tornado to this. We talked for longer than usual, and for the first time since I have known him, my friend let me pray over him and his family.” —David Hannah

How are you loving your neighbors during this time? Feel free to share your story here.