Purity Stance for 7th Grade

Purity Stance for 7th Grade

Wednesday, January 30
6:00 PM-6:45 PM
Room 1002 - Connection Center

PARENTS: From birth all the way through adulthood, there are naturally occurring moments in our lives that we recognize and celebrate. In our @HOME Ministry, we call these moments LifePoints. A LifePoint is an action or occurrence identifying a noteworthy decision, life event, shift, crisis, or stage in development. We believe these provide an important opportunity for us to maximize the spiritual aspect of each unique moment in the lives of families. 

The Purity Stance LifePoint happens in 7th grade. Our Wednesday night 7th grade LIFEgroups will be going through the Purity Code curriculum Feburary 6 through March 6, 2019. Our goal in walking through this curriculm is two-fold:  1) to help students understand God’s plan for holiness and purity in all areas of life and 2) for students to commit their lives towards pursuing purity in all areas, including sexually.  God created sex to exist in the context of marriage between one man and one woman.  While friends, media, and culture bombard students with the message that impurity and sex are a normal part of the teenage life, it is contrary to God’s Word. If you would like to receive these updates and resources, please CLICK HERE to complete the form. 

This meeting on Wednesday, January 30th is to prepare you for what they will be learning, as well as resources for a home ceremony and challenge to remain pure until marriage. Families are encouraged to give a purity ring or another physical reminder of the commitment. 

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