Focus Studies for Adults

Focus Studies for Adults

Wednesday, August 28

Focus Studies are another great way to connect and take a closer look at God's Word as it relates to a specific topic. This gives us the chance to explore topics with others over just a few weeks at various times throughout the year. You’ll find a list of current and upcoming Focus Studies in the Focus Studies Brochure located at the Discipleship Connection Center in the Atrium (Entrance A) and in the Connection Center (Entrance G) as well as online.

Join Us Today:

August 14–28 | 6:00 PM | Wilson Hall E | Led by Russell Newman & Paul Wilkinson
We'll examine numerous lines of evidence for the Christian faith and answer some of the key objections to the faith.

Learning to Walk: The Halakhah of Jesus
August 14 – September 18 | 6:00 PM | 2140AB | Led by Julie Gilbreath
In this six-week study, we will "walk" with the disciples through the halakhah of Jesus, shed new light on his interactions with the Pharisees, and discover how God really wants us to live.

Line By Line: A Study in John’s Gospel
August 14 – October 9 | 6:00 PM | Wilson Hall A | Led by Michael Card
Join Michael Card, author and musician, as he walks through Jesus’ intimate interactions with various people in the Gospel of John (Nicodemus, the woman at the well, the man born blind, Mary Magdalene, the restoration of Peter, etc.).

Coming in September:

Heart Matters
September 4 – December 4 | 9:15 AM | Room 1010 | Led by Rhonda Miller
Our focus is bringing our hearts fully alive by learning to walk with God through teaching and equipping, sharing one another’s stories and reading the Bible together.

Christian Essentials
September 4 – November 20 | 6:00 PM | 2142 | Led by Bill Tassey
This Focus Study presents practical teaching and training about the core truths of the Christian faith.

Disciples Making Disciples Workshop
September 4 – November 6 | 6:00 PM | Wilson Hall E | Led by Paul Wilkinson
This workshop will give you key content to develop you as a disciple and opportunity to practice in a safe environment techniques and skills of disciple making.

I Will Give You Rest
September 11 – October 30 | 9:30 AM | Off Campus | Led by Karla Worley
In this study, we’ll look at God’s good gift of rest, physical and spiritual—how rest is an indicator of our spiritual health, our trust in God, our kindness to ourselves and others, and essential to our bodies and souls.

Apples of Gold
Tuesdays | September 10 – October 22 | 6:00 PM | Off-Campus
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This seven-week Bible study and mentoring opportunity fills spiritual needs for young married women, ages 20s-40s.