Beauty, Bratwursts, and The Bible

Andy Collier, Deacon and Group leader at the Woodbine campus

This week, we begin our new sermon series, “The Big Story,” and will unpack the gospel narrative from the perspective of the Gospel of John. Read the story below for encouragement for your week as you share the gospel with others in your conversations.

“My wife, Caryn, and I were vacationing in Europe recently. While walking through the city of Prague, we stopped at an open market to enjoy a bratwurst. Once purchased, we looked for a tall table to stand near while we ate. All tables were occupied—except one. A gentleman was standing near it, but we couldn’t determine whether or not he was using it. I asked him if we could join him, and he was most gracious while inviting us to do so.

During our discussion, we learned that he was a security officer for special events and was visiting from the United Kingdom. Among other topics, we also discussed how crazy the world was getting. That led to agreeing that the only hope is prayer. Caryn and I asked him about his faith, and he could not identify himself as a Christian. He said he was a ‘believer’ but didn’t lead a Christian life. He mentioned that he was a sinner and did not want to be a hypocrite. As the conversation continued, it was obvious that he knew the Bible.

We talked for a while about how we are all sinners, but the beauty of being a Christian is that when we sin and repent, we are forgiven.

As we were ready to go our separate ways, I challenged him to read the book of John. I said, ‘Read one segment each morning. Then, for the rest of the day, ask yourself what God meant and how it applies to you.’ He nodded and said he would. I only wish we would have asked him for his contact information so that we could have kept the conversation going.”