The One Reason We Celebrate Christmas • Article from Brentwood Baptist

The One Reason We Celebrate Christmas

We spend most of our Christmas time waiting. We wait for the packages to be delivered. We wait for relatives to arrive or we wait for our plane, car, or train to finally get here.

My poor sons did a lot of waiting. When you work at a church, the holidays get busier. Extra services are added and most of these services are at night. I was always late getting home. My boys, to their credit, got used to it. They knew I would get home as fast as I could from the last Christmas Eve service and then, we would have our Christmas.

I can still remember walking into the house and hearing them yell, “He’s here! He’s here! We can do Christmas now!”

For thousands of years, the world waited. God had promised a Savior and every day the world was more and more convinced of the need for salvation.

Now, the angels are singing and shepherds are telling their stories. Like excited children, we shout, “He’s here! He’s here! We can have Christmas now. He’s here!”

That’s why we celebrate Christmas. Our waiting is over. Jesus is here. We can do Christmas now.