3 Ways to Pray for our Regional Campuses • Article from Brentwood Baptist

3 Ways to Pray for our Regional Campuses

1. Pray for our campus pastors.

Jay Strother (Station Hill campus), Aaron Bryant (Avenue South campus), and Matt Pearson (West Franklin campus) have the challenge of shepherding their congregations, leading them through tremendous periods of growth and, of course, sharing God’s Word as they preach every Sunday. Pray for their protection, strength, and wisdom.

2. Pray for effective ministry to happen.

2015 will be an exciting year for all three of our regional campuses. We believe that lives will be changed and people will be saved! Station Hill will be moving into a new building in the Fall. Avenue South is on the cutting edge of bringing the gospel to the South Nashville area and continues to see God do amazing things. West Franklin has a new campus pastor, Matt Pearson, who will usher in a new chapter of ministry beginning in January.

3. Pray for unity.

The coming year will be a year of growth and change at our regional campuses. Rather than bringing difficulty, pray that these things bring unity and excitement for what God is doing in our midst. Each of our regional campuses is part of our larger church family and we are working together to reach Middle Tennessee and beyond.