2 Ways to Celebrate Christmas • Article from Brentwood Baptist

2 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Is there anything similar in the way you’ll celebrate Christmas tomorrow and how the original Christmas was celebrated?

While I’m not suggesting you recreate Jesus’ birth by building a manger or bringing a donkey to stay in your backyard (HOAs frown upon this). I do have two suggestions for creating some margin tomorrow to cut the clutter and allow some connection to the day of our Savior’s birth.

Without significantly modifying your predetermined plans, here are two suggestions to insert into your celebration.

1. Celebrate Simply.

There are a lot of Jesus’ birth details we don’t know, but it’s clear that Mary and Joseph’s celebration of Jesus’ birth was really simple. They made do with what they had. I doubt they frenetically cleaned the stable before the shepherds arrived. I doubt they had Jesus’ initials monogrammed on His “swaddling clothes” or were checking Pinterest for trendy baby shower themes. I believe Mary and Joseph knew who they were celebrating was enough. Simple, but enough.

When you have the Christ child, you don’t have to create more. Simply resting in Him is celebration enough.

You can come to this same realization tomorrow. Whether you’ll be alone, with family, working, or managing the chaos of gift opening with small children, find space tomorrow to read about, and think about the simple, yet sufficient, gift of Jesus. Don’t complicate this. You only need yourself, a Bible, and some time.

2. Celebrate Gratefully

Reflection on the simple, yet sufficient Jesus should usher in grateful celebration.

I like to think of Mary and Joseph celebrated gratefully.

  • Grateful for a healthy baby.
  • Grateful they had a stable to give birth in rather than the birth occurring along a Judean road as they traveled.
  • Grateful others recognized what God was doing through their baby.
  • Grateful that Jesus was there “to save people (including them) from their sins.”

Will you celebrate Christmas gratefully? Or will resentment for a family member creep in? Or perhaps you’ll battle a sense of entitlement about what you should be receiving?

Tomorrow you have the choice to connect yourself to some of the occurrences of Jesus’ birth. Like those who gathered in Bethlehem, take time tomorrow to celebrate Him simply and gratefully.