June 21, 2021

19 For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed.

Romans 8:19

Written by Jill VanAusdall from the Brentwood Campus

Have you ever experienced a dreadful stomach bug? Well, on April 18, 1993, I woke up with a horrible stomach bug. After several days and no improvement, my husband asked me if I should go see our doctor. Instead of calling our doctor, I called a friend who was a nurse. She asked me several questions and finally determined that I needed to take a pregnancy test.

What?? No way, we had only been married two months. Well, as you can guess, I was expecting our first baby. We were so surprised and over the moon excited. I read all the books and never missed an opportunity to share all that knowledge with anyone who would listen. I documented every milestone: when I felt the baby flutter, when we found out it was a boy, when he kicked for the first time, and when people finally realized I was pregnant and not just gaining weight.

It was a beautiful, magical time of anticipation of what would soon be our new family. Our future was full of hope and so many memories to be made. I had no idea the joy and love I would experience until the day they placed that baby boy in my arms. It was indescribable, worth all the morning sickness and pain involved with bringing him into the world.

When I read Romans 8:19, the memories of those nine months of waiting patiently for our Rice Lee to be born flood my mind.

I find the words Paul writes so simple, yet big and complex. He starts with “the creation.” This includes everything: flowers, trees, animals, grass, streams, oceans, people, every tiny microscopic thing God created. All of His creation is waiting for God to reconcile everything and everyone to Him. When you think about how all of God’s creation is waiting in anticipation for something big that is coming—WOW! They don’t know what, but they know it’s coming.

This is the part of the verse, however, that strikes a blow: “God’s sons to be revealed.” This leads me to believe it’s challenging to tell God’s people from everyone else. I find that frightening. It also makes me take a hard look at myself. If you met me in a restaurant, or say in the checkout line at Publix, would you know I was a Jesus follower? Do I stand out as someone who disciples others in order to grow the Kingdom of God?

I hope others can tell that I’m waiting in great ANTICIPATION for that day when God reconciles us to Himself, and everything will be as He planned it to be.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Does the world see me as different or like everyone else?
  2. Will I be one of the sons of God that will be revealed?

Missions Prayer
Pray for unreached people in Europe to meet a Christian who will share the gospel with them. There are 303 unreached people groups in Europe. The unreached people group (UPG) landscape is changing there as tens of thousands of people from unreached areas of the world immigrate to European countries. Pray for the church in Europe to be bold, strong, and loving, and that European Christians will seek opportunities to build relationships and share the gospel with those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus.