Age Is Nothing But A Number

Bob’s Story


My gospel conversations did not start until way up in life. I really had a big interruption from the Lord. I was not humbly walking with Him, but He held onto me with that righteous right hand. My name is Bob Humphrey, and I’ve been involved with Brentwood Baptist through The Church at West Franklin.


God Leads The Way


I’ve heard it said before, and I really believe it–witnessing and telling somebody else about the Lord is hard to do. I just feel like you need to become friends with someone so that individual can see the Lord working in you and what He’s doing for you. I pray every morning that the Holy Spirit would lead me to someone that I may witness and minister the mystery of the Lord Jesus to that person.


Age Is Only A Number


I’ve just turned 91 on September 5, and all I can say–all I can truly say–is just, “Praise the Lord!” Why He has let me go like this for this long–He’s got that plan He wants me to do for Him. And, He tells us over and over again that He’s working in us and enabling us to do that. It’s all Him! He’s doing everything! I just praise the Lord over and over and over again. The years that He’s given me, I hope and pray that it’s more. That means it’ll be more years I’ll be able to witness, to minister, and to serve His good purposes with those I come in contact with.