A Safe Place to Grieve

Helen's Story

Have you ever experienced loss and needed an environment to process it all? Here is a story of how to find a safe place to grieve.


Helen’s Story

One afternoon, our neighbors across the street, Stan and Sandy, saw us coming out of church and said, “We have a small group. Why don’t you join us?” It was immediately a welcoming place to come, and it was also a wonderful, safe place for Greg to ask questions. He had lots of questions. Neither of us were really raised in a church where the Bible was studied. For Greg, this group was his church.


A Season of Loss

Greg and I went to Tampa, Florida to close my brother’s house, who had recently passed away. And while we were in Florida, we all got COVID-19. And when I would pray for God to bring him home, I meant to my home. But God took him home to a much better place.


A Safe Place

I honestly don’t think I would have done nearly as well without this group lifting me up in prayer. I’ve heard that phrase my whole life, but I never knew what it meant to be lifted in prayer. My relationship with this small group has probably grown even stronger, and I wasn’t sure initially when I dialed in for that first Zoom call, alone, how I would feel. I was at home. Many times Jesus has had to carry this load for me. And I know I never walk alone.

Great is thy faithfulness, O God, my Father.