A New Year Resolution That Will Save Your Life

Amber Kinnett

Happy New Year!

It’s the time for new seasons, opportunities, and perspectives. Many of us get excited, hoping a checklist of improvements will bring lasting joy. But let’s face it–last year was pretty weighty. And you may be wondering if there’s anything that can redeem the past. If you’re still holding onto hope, here’s a new year resolution that will save your life:


Invest in your whole self.

This year, focus on the betterment of your spirit, soul, and body. You can do this by filling your life with actions of encouragement. Whether that’s taking a brisk walk, hanging out with a group of friends, or retreating to a quiet place for reflection, adding uplifting practices into your daily routine will increase your overall health. You’ll have a more positive outlook, you’ll genuinely enjoy the company of others, and you’ll be content with who you are and where you are in life.

For Christians, the best practice for investing in the whole self is to engage with the whole gospel.


Fully engage with the truth.

To “engage” means to commit to a cause, bind oneself with a pledge, or give full attention to something. An engagement is not passive; it involves steady action over a continued period of time. So, engaging with the whole gospel means to invest in the truths of Jesus Christ and practice them in your life.

Some of these practices could be reading the Bible on your lunch break, listening to a joy-filled podcast as you clean the house, or even dragging your body to the gym. You could serve at your local food pantry, invite a neighbor over for a movie night, or simply smile to a stranger. There are many practices that reflect the truths of God. And Christians must daily engage with Him in order to reflect more of Him in their spirits, souls, and bodies.

Here are a few questions for reflection, as well as practices for the new year resolution that will save your life.


Do I know God?

You can’t live out the whole gospel if you don’t know the whole story. You will know more about God if you talk to Him through prayer or read His Word. Christians have the ability to personally know a holy God through the mercy of Christ. We can boldly approach Him, as we would a friend, since we’ve been given the gracious opportunity to spend quality time with the very One who created us.

One way to daily spend time with God is through our daily devotional, which provides personal stories and applications to various passages of Scripture.


How am I living out the truths of His Word?

Once you know God, begin to live out His truths. We leave behind a life of sin when we are filled will the Holy Spirit. And His Spirit compels us to love as Jesus did. Christ extended a helping hand to the orphan and widow. He healed the sick, lame, and blind. And He died so we could have eternal life. Jesus’ kindness brings people to their knees in repentance and awe.

Find the encouragement you need to truly love and reveal the nature of Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody through our resources.


Am I surrounded by the family of God?

Our lives were made to be filled with God’s presence, His power, and His people. We were created to be in fellowship with one another, to help one another, and to push one another onto the path of righteousness. As we were given the gift of life through a physical family, God also invites us to be a part of a spiritual family.

Surround yourself with a church family, and check out all of the opportunities our church offers.


May this be the year you embody a new year resolution to save your life. Invest in your whole self, and allow God’s truth to flow in and through you.