A Christmas Craft: Hope in a Manger

The Shepherds’ Great Hope!

The promise of the Messiah became more and more real to the shepherds as they followed the star and made their way to the stable. Can you imagine the hope and excitement they felt as they saw the baby in the manger, realizing that the promises of God and the words of the angel were true? As we think about the excitement of the Christmas season, today’s craft will help us recreate the feeling of the shepherd’s great hope.

Hope in a Manger

Supply List

1 white sheet of copy or construction paper
Brown paint
Yellow paint
Skin-colored paint
Blue paint
Paper plates (for the paint palette!)
Paper towels (for clean up!)


  1. Have the child dip their pointer finger in brown paint and make a stable. (To make this easier for younger kids, you could also draw lines first and have them make fingerprints on it.)
  2. Wash their finger off and have them dip it in yellow paint. Make “straw” on the floor and inside the manger. Then draw a yellow star on top of the stable!
  3. Wash their finger off and have them dip their finger in skin-colored paint and make a face for baby Jesus.
  4. Then, wash their finger off and use the blue paint to make three fingerprints for the baby’s body/blanket.
  5. Add any more details you would like for the nativity scene!


Setting The Scene

This picture reminds us that the hope of Christmas points us to a baby—baby Jesus! Throughout all of history, God has always kept His promises to us. When Jesus came to earth as a baby, God was fulfilling His promise to rescue His people from their sin. He did this through His Son Jesus! Just as the people in Scripture eagerly awaited their Messiah, we wait for the return of Jesus, when He will come and make all things new!

“This will be the sign for you: You will find a baby wrapped tightly in cloth and lying in a manger.” —Luke 2:12

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