A Biblical World View, What Are You Holding To?

September 25, 2020

9 holding to the faithful message as taught, so that he will be able both to encourage with sound teaching and to refute those who contradict it.

Titus 1:9

Written by Tony H. Nunn from the Brentwood Campus

A few years ago, I took a Bible study course that said nine out of ten Christians do not have a biblical worldview! I haven’t researched that statement to see whether it’s true, but it did cause me to ask several questions about my own beliefs and what is actually guiding my life.

I first wanted to know what a “worldview” was. As I understand it, a worldview contains your basic beliefs about reality that impact every aspect of your life, including your decisions and the way you relate to the people around you.

Second, I wanted to know if I had a biblical worldview? Paul instructs Titus in Titus 1:9 to hold to “the faithful message” he had been taught. Like Titus, I was taught the faithful message by my parents and my childhood minister and Sunday School teacher. In fact, the minister was my Uncle Elbie and my Sunday School teacher was my Aunt Rosie. Along with my Grandmother Ebert, they taught me about and led me to Christ.

Through my teen years, college years and military career, I was what you might call a “mediocre” Christian. I was more interested in what my friends thought about me than what God thought. One day, I asked God to show me how I should be living my life. It was then that God let me know I needed to do what He thinks and not what others think.

As I look back, that was the beginning of me thirsting after a biblical worldview. When I got out of the Air Force and came back home, I found a former Sunday School teacher I respected greatly, Randy Acton. Randy was a private businessman and a Navigator. He met with me to pray and study the Bible every Saturday at 5:00 in the morning for three years.

My years of attending church helped me gain a biblical worldview, but the Navigator studies like their “Survival Kit” and “Master Life” convinced me that all Christians need a more intense study to be firmly grounded in what they believe. As a result of this training, my wife and I led young adult Bible studies in our local church for over 30 years.

More than ever the world needs Christians with a biblical worldview. Titus 1:9 is a challenge to all of us to study the Bible, to act on its teachings, and then to teach it to others.                       

Questions to Ask Yourself

The Bible speaks to many of today’s issues, including:

  • Race relations.
  • Sanctity of life
  • Immigration
  • Environment
  • Hunger and thirst
  • People in prison
  • Poverty
  • Health care

Look for Bible passages that speak to these issues, and then commit to living in a way that reflects a biblical worldview.

Missions Prayer
Pray for our church family’s missions staff at each campus. Pray for wisdom in developing partnerships around the world, planning, and for God to lead clearly.

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