9 Statements That Need To Be Spoken In Every Home

Linc Taylor

Simple, Yet Impactful Truths

While not an exhaustive list, here are nine simple, yet impactful statements that need to be expressed in every home. The magnitude in which the home plays the role of meeting deeper needs cannot be overstated. While the particular wording may take various forms, the value of these statements being verbally spoken can have a great impact on those who hear it. We often assume that everyone in the family perceives these thoughts from us, but too many times that is not the case. We must be reminded that if our homes aren’t attempting to meet these essential needs, there is an adversary who will fill the void in counterfeit ways.

  1. “I am so glad you are in our family.”

    Meets the profound need to belong and be identified with a family. This creates an awareness that they have a place they are from.

  2. “I’m praying for you today.”

    Creates an awareness that you know them, will remember them during the day, and are lifting them up to our Heavenly Father.

  3. “I trust and believe in you.”

    Meets the need they have to know that someone has confidence in them. While this will certainly be based on various levels of trust in your home, consider areas that it can be acknowledged no matter how small.

  4. “You have purpose in this world.”

    No matter the age, everyone is striving to find the answers that quench the search for significance and identity. Let them hear this from you!

  5. “I’ve got your back and will defend you.”

    Everyone wants to know that someone is in their corner and is looking out for what’s best for them.

  6. “You are always welcome here.”

    The fear of messing up or failing is real in many of our family members. To know that they are longed for by others can give them an assurance when they are on their own.

  7. “I love you.”

    Never assume that others in your family know you love them. Say these words!

  8. “Jesus loves you and true life is found in Him alone.”

    While the church is a community in which our families will often hear this truth, let the influence of the home be the place that these words are shouted—both in words and in actions!

  9. “I love doing life with you.”

    It can be a significant comfort and calm assurance when they hear these words spoken by those most closely associated with them. Your words can be the most influential.