8 Questions about Easter

Is It True?

For years, historians  have debated the events surrounding Easter morning. Many people are still curious about the truths of Jesus’ resurrection. So, here are 8 questions about Easter and the answers you are longing to hear.

1. Is Jesus the only God that has died and rose again?

Short answer–yes!

2. Why did Jesus have to be crucified?

He didn’t have to die; He chose to die.

3. Which was more important, Jesus’ death on the cross or His resurrection from the dead?

Trick question–both!

4. Was Jesus really dead for 3 days?

Yes. According to Jewish tradition, a “day” begins at sundown.

5. Why did the Pharisees want to kill Jesus?

They were jealous. Jesus challenged their religious systems.

6. Where were the disciples on the day Jesus was crucified?

They were nowhere to be found…

7. Did anyone actually see Jesus after the resurrection?

Yes, there were several witnesses.

8. Did the resurrection really happen in the spring?

Yes, it took place during Passover.

How Does Easter Relate to Me Now?

The good news of the gospel is not that you can get to God, but that God came to us. Nothing can separate us from Him–our way, truth, and life.

Take a few moments now to reflect on Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Spend time with these 8 questions about Easter, and discover the truth of the gospel.