4 Ways to Start Your Summer Strong

The back-to-school season always booms with great sales and words of advice for students and parents alike. But what about our back-to-summer restart? The beauty—and tragedy—of summer is that it’s only a few short weeks out of the year. So, how can we make the most of the time that we have as a family? Here are 4 ways to start your summer strong.

1. Set goals with your family.

Are you trying to teach your kids about smart saving and spending? Learning to potty train your littles? Maybe you’re hoping this will be the summer they embrace routine tidiness in your home. Let this season be one of intentional growth for your family.

No matter the goal you set with your family, just make sure to make one!

2. Seek quality time.

Maybe nightly family dinners aren’t the reality for your busy family. Between practice and rehearsals, social engagements and errands, you may not be able to commit to huge blocks of time spent around the dinner table. But what about an afternoon walk? Or perhaps a simple a movie night can be planned after the chores are all done. The best family memories can only be made one way—together.

Don’t worry about being elaborate with your plans. Simply make time to be together for it is enough!

3. See the good. (And speak it!)

We call them our “loved ones” for a reason… even though we sometimes lose sight of that. Our summer routines may lead us to spend more downtime with one another, which can sometimes lead to aggravation and irritation among our kids and with each other. So, how do we combat that friction in our households? By choosing to see the good in one another and to speak about it! Are you proud of the way your child handled a frustrating situation? Did your kids share with one another without being prompted to? Praise and affirm them out loud.

You set the tone for praise in your home. Make it loud!

4. Stay connected to your community.

It’s easy to get isolated as you zoom through the summer days. But remember that we need each other! Whether that means meeting up with other families in the park or joining different clubs or groups, community is essential to our mental and emotional health. If your kids or students are looking for opportunities to connect, serve, and get involved, Brentwood Student Summer plans are well underway!

The summer days may be longer, but the season always seems so short. Luckily, you have all the things you need for your family to spend this time wisely and well. Just remember these 4 ways to start your summer strong!