We are certainly in the midst of some very different and interesting times. Over the past several weeks, life has changed significantly for most of us. If your family is anything like ours, we’ve had some great moments together, as well as some challenging ones! The biggest dilemma for us is trying to keep four kids engaged and entertained, which can be challenging when they range from age 5-17. Nevertheless, we’ve definitely found some fun ways to bring everyone together and create some laughter for our family. Below are a few of the activities we’ve enjoyed together. I hope this list encourages you and your family to break up the mundane and to create some lasting memories together.

1. Theme Nights

From Italian-themed food and attire to a night in the tropics, our children have enjoyed dressing up and enjoying dinners with different food and cultural themes. We’ve had fun playing with different music, accents, and more.

2. Family Game Nights

If you are like us, we have a closet full of board games that we rarely ever touch. We’ve really enjoyed pulling those games out after dinner for some family-fun and good conversations while we are doing it.

3. Backyard Camping

This may be one of our favorite activities. Although we can’t go to the campsite, we can certainly create one in our backyard with a fire, s’mores, and late-night stories by flashlight or lantern.

4. Daily Devotionals

I can honestly say that for the first time in years, this season of physical distancing has given the six of us time each day to sit down together and focus on God’s Word. We’ve tried to incorporate this into our daily lives for years, but with all of the different activities that our kids are involved in, it’s been a real struggle to consistently make family devotion reading a priority. It’s amazing to see God use this time to work in all of our lives. Your family can listen to the Daily Devotional podcast in your time of study together. Another great resource is the Creating Healthy Families, which encourages us to engage others with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ.

— The Axford Family