3 Ways to Live On Mission with The ILC

Fady Al-Hagal

What is the ILC?

Today, I want to highlight our partner, the International Leadership Coalition, a great ministry reaching the unreached of the nations among us. All of our campuses are engaged in partnering with the ILC.

The International Leadership Coalition discovers, equips, and trains international ministers that are effectively reaching their own people groups with the gospel here in Middle Tennessee, such as Pastor Mo, who is a great pastor from Nigeria reaching his own people group in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


How does the ILC work?

Pastor Mo partners with Brentwood Baptist Church. Through that partnership, he effectively reaches his own people group, effectively resources his ministry, and effectively shares the gospel so the unreached of his own people group can come to Jesus Christ.

You and I have the privilege of engaging the unreached people groups that God has brought right here into the Middle Tennessee area. You say, “Fady, how do I do that?”


How do I live on mission with the ILC?

  1. Pray

    Pray for the people groups that God has sent to live around us and among us, that we could have an opportunity to engage in gospel conversation.

  2. Reach Out

    Reach out to our missions department and multiplication ministries through all of our campuses and say, “How can I be involved through the ministries that are already available in reaching out to the people groups that are living among us?”

  3. Befriend

    Befriend an international family through our mission ministries here. All through our campuses and through our ministries in Middle Tennessee, you can become a friend to an international family. Through that friendship, you can engage them with the gospel—bringing transformation and life to their new beginning here in Middle Tennessee.

God bless you. Thank you for taking part of advancing the kingdom of God among the nations of Nashville.