3 Tips to Beat Winter Blues

Ken Corr

Feeling Sad?

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is beginning to cool. There are signs that fall is just around the corner. And for some, that means the beginning of SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD. You might sometimes hear people talk about the winter blues. Well, it’s a real thing. Here are 3 tips to beat winter blues.

For many, the shorter days and cooler weather do bring an onset of depression. You might experience a general feeling of sadness, a desire to isolate, low energy, problems with sleep, a loss of appetite, a loss of interest in normal activities, and even in some cases, suicidal thoughts. If you are already struggling with anxiety and depression, SAD will only make things worse. Now if this describes you, there are some things that you can do.


1. Get sunlight.

One of the causes of SAD is the loss of normal light. Some have found that light therapy can be helpful, and there are light therapy boxes that can be purchased. There are also depression medications that might be helpful for this season.


2. Exercise regularly.

Exercise is always a good prescription for depression. Simply walking the neighborhood can be a helpful mood changer.


3. Meet with a counselor.

And finally, talk therapy is a good resource. Talk to your healthcare provider about these options and see which ones might be best for you.


Now, if this describes you, don’t ignore it or simply dismiss the symptoms. Seek help. Fall needs to be the time to celebrate the changing season with wood-burning fires, hayrides, candy corn, and family. Halloween is coming soon, so don’t be sad—get help.