10 Life Lessons from 2021

2021 was another year for the books! But as we close out another year of lessons learned and life lived, we take with us the wisdom we’ve gained and the insight obtained. Let’s take a moment to consider how God has been at work throughout the year. Here are 10 life lessons from 2021.


  1. We can find belonging in healthy, biblical community.

A Safe Place to Grieve


2. Mental health matters in the life of the believer and for the church as a whole.

Mental Health and The Church


3. We are called to act on purpose for a purpose: that Christ’s name would be known.

4 Ways to be The Deliberate, Considerate Church


4. Christ has power over the deepest darkness in our lives.

How Christ’s Love Overcomes The Darkness


5. As believers, we are called to a lifestyle of rest as we entrust it all to God.

How Does Rest Relate to Trust?


6. Even in the midst of unspeakable disaster, Christ’s love is still made known.

How Do You Respond to a Disaster?


7. The joy found in serving God doesn’t stem from circumstance, but from our unshakeable God.

Where’s The Joy in The Work?


8. God can use anything to create a new story in the lives of those who draw near.

Finding Your New Story in Christ


9. In the body of Christ, we are called to live alongside one another as a family.

We’re Called for Keeps


10. The Lord is faithfully at work in the midst of our deepest hurts, all in His own beautiful timing.

A Legacy of Faith: It Is All in God’s Timing