Men In Training Evenings

Group Focus





Wednesdays at 6:15 PM


Room: WH B map

January 10 – April 25, 2018

Men, in your pursuit of Christ, do you find many hazards along the way? Even “heroes” of the Bible, like Abraham and David, had various challenges to overcome, and they sometimes fell short. 

Here are some common male pitfalls:
  • Deflecting Responsibility
  • Misplaced Priorities 
  • Partial Obedience
  • Unresolved Anger
  • Discontent
Men have been struggling with the same problems, among others, since biblical times. Join us as we tackle 12 hazards all men face and paint a compelling picture of how to live as a better man! 

This Focus Study is designed for men to develop spiritual habits, Christian perspective, and discipleship tools for the sake of living the faithful life and reproducing faithful men. Open to all men each week.

More Information

For more information or to visit this study , please contact Paul Wilkinson.