Instrumental Ministry

This diverse ministry is made up of instrumentalists from many ages, races, abilities, and backgrounds. They range in age from about 10 to 85, and originate from all over the world.

There are teachers, lawyers, students, homemakers, accountants, realtors, doctors, sales people, and even some professional musicians in our group. But what brings us together is our worship of Jesus Christ. It unifies us, encourages us in our diversity, and transforms us into a single unit that is able to accomplish what none of us could do individually!

  • Adult Orchestra


    Wednesdays - 6:00 pm - Room 1709

    The Adult Orchestra leads our Sunday worship services, and consists musicians ages 18 and up.
    Brass, Woodwind, String, Percussion, and Rhythm instruments join together to lead our congregation.

    An interview is required & an audition may be requested.

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  • Student Orchestra


    Sundays - 5:15 pm - Room 1709

    The Student Orchestra is for musicians ages 18 and under (Brass, Woodwind, String, Percussion, and Rhythm). Students develop their music skills and combine with the Adult Orchestra several times each semester.

    Auditions are required and consist of 3 major scales (student's choice) and sight-reading.

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  • Young String Orchestra


    Sundays - 3:30 pm - Room 1709

    The Young String Orchestra is for strings who have completed their first method book (Suzuki Book 1, etc.) and for those in 8th grade or under. This group develops sight-reading skills, ensemble concepts, string techniques, and combines with other orchestras occasionally.

    No audition is required, but students should have completed their first method book.

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