Upcoming Events

6:00 PM
9:30 AM

PLACE Spring II 9:30 AM

Apr 03-May 01
Room 2500
11:00 AM

PLACE Spring II 11:00 AM

Apr 03-May 01
Room 2500
5:30 PM

One Night PLACE

Thursday, April 28
5:30 PM-8:45 PM
Wilson Hall C & G

  • What is PLACE?

    PLACE is a class that helps you discover your giftedness and how to relate to the giftedness of others. PLACE will help you better understand your God-given traits, learn to apply them in ministry, and use them to develop a purposeful mission statement. It is a required part of our membership process.

  • You have gifts and abilities this church needs! That's why God led you to Brentwood Baptist. We're serious when we say, "Every member is a minister." PLACE will help you connect with God's ministry assignment. Participate in a class with other believers and experience a church that worships God and joins Him in His work.