Church Multiplication

Church multiplication consists of several models for kingdom growth, including church starting and people-group congregations. In addition to these, a Church Multiplication and Church Starting Residency program is also part of our vision as the leadership "pipeline" to recruit, assess, train, send, and support these leaders.

  • Church Starting

    Church Starting runs deep at Brentwood Baptist Church, ourselves started by Woodmont Baptist Church in 1969. Our first church start was Clearview Baptist Church in 1984, and then Life Community Church in 2001. Over the years Brentwood Baptist Church has assisted in church starting efforts throughout Middle Tennessee, Michigan, Canada, and Southern California.

    Currently we are involved in plants in Vancouver, Chicago, church starting training in Nepal and India, and partnerships with International Mission Board (IMB) and North American Mission Board (NAMB), agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention, which plant thousands of churches around the world. We have six TRAIN church starting partnerships, which were launched in 2013 and 2014 through our TRAIN church starting residency program.

  • Church Starting Residency

    We have a desire to start churches, and churches that will start more churches.  Residents called to church starting will be under the tutelage of Brentwood’s Church Multiplication Minister. Residents will be trained, coached and supported in planting their own church.

    Learn more about the Church Starting Residency at

  • Missions, Evangelism and Church Multiplication Residency

    Residents called to missions will experience engagement in local missions with over 20 different community partners as well as a broad network of North American and International Missions partnerships. Residents will be exposed to Brentwood’s Evangelism, Church Multiplication, Bible Translation and People Group strategies.

    Learn more about the Church Multiplication Residency at

  • The Church at Woodbine Ministry Campus is an exciting new addition to the Brentwood Baptist family.  Since the Woodbine and Brentwood congregations voted to come together in the summer of 2014, the Woodbine Vision Team and members have been planning and strategizing on how best to reach this diverse community. 

    We invite you to get involved! 

    Contact us to find out the many opportunities to serve at Woodbine – on Sundays and throughout the week. 

    The Church at Woodbine is a central feature of our Middle Tennessee Initiative as we grow strong communities of faith through addressing poverty, healthcare and education issues – all for the sake of evangelism.

    For more information please visit


    Brentwood Baptist has already shown its effectiveness in establishing churches within the church. These are congregations that exist as part of the greater body but have also identified themselves based on cultural, ethnic, or another type of affinity.

    There are at least 80 different people groups in the greater Nashville area.

    — Mike Glenn

    These include the Deaf Church, Chinese Congregation, and Hispanic Ministry. A greater emphasis on diversity over the next five years is represented in our objective to reach a growing diversity of people with the gospel.


    After careful research and prayer, we’ve targeted the areas of Middle Tennessee where Brentwood Baptist campuses could make an eternal difference.

    We’ve already done this--first with The Church at Station Hill and now with The Church at Avenue South.  And it’s something we want to continue doing--producing churches and campuses that are fully-supported, funded, and operated under our one organization.

    If we want to take the gospel to a larger number of people than what we can reach in our own backyard then we have to multiply our efforts by expanding into new communities.  Addition is good but multiplication is better.

    –Aaron Bryant, Avenue South Pastor

    One of the most frequent comments we get from new folks is, ‘This church feels like family.’

    –Jay Strother, Station Hill Pastor

    Both campuses have seen neighbors and friends place their faith in Christ for the first time, and make meaningful life-changing decisions in their careers and relationships. This was only possible because of our presence in the community and ability to share the Gospel with the people where we live, work and play.