Church Multiplication

Church multiplication consists of several models for kingdom growth, including church planting and people-group congregations. In addition to these, a Church Multiplication and Church Planting Residency program is also part of our vision as the leadership "pipeline" to recruit, assess, train, send, and support these leaders.

  • Church Planting Residency

    Church Planting runs deep at Brentwood Baptist Church, ourselves planted by Woodmont Baptist Church in 1969. Since then we've produced other congregations in Middle Tennessee and beyond and have no plans to stop now.

    We have a desire to plant churches, and churches that will plant more churches.  For this purpose, we have created a one-year residency experience that equips the next generation of planters to lead the church effectively through mentoring and teaching.

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  • Missions, Evangelism and Church Multiplication Residency

    Residents called to missions will experience engagement in local missions with over 20 different community partners as well as a broad network of North American and International Missions partnerships. Residents will be exposed to Brentwood’s Evangelism, Church Multiplication, Bible Translation and People Group strategies.

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    Brentwood Baptist has already shown its effectiveness in establishing churches within the church. These are congregations that exist as part of the greater body but have also identified themselves based on cultural, ethnic, or another type of affinity.

    There are at least 80 different people groups in the greater Nashville area.

    — Mike Glenn

    These include the Deaf Church, Chinese Congregation, and Hispanic Ministry. A greater emphasis on diversity over the next five years is represented in our objective to reach a growing diversity of people with the gospel.