When Christ Calls A Man

September 5, 2010

Mike Glenn · Colossians 3:18-24

Scripture gives us a picture of what a man who's pursuing Christ should look like. It's important for us to see it as God intends and not how culture defines it, because God uses men to build better marriages, better families, better work places, better communities. That's why Aaron Bryant will be unpacking this passage in Colossians this morning.

This isn't one of those mornings where you can tune the sermon out because you think it's just a sermon for men or married couples. As I've told you many times, we're a tribe-a community in which the success and failure of every individual takes place in the context of the bigger community and affects the whole of it.

The Apostle Paul instructed all of us, but as we'll see all of those commands rise and fall with the calling that God places on the men. So listen carefully to what God expects of men, and then pray for the men who are your friends, your family, your brothers in Christ. And pray for Aaron this week as he brings this important word.