The Burden of Hope

November 25, 2012

Aaron Bryant · Romans 5:1-5

We've just finished a series on Revelation, a vision given to encourage believers and give them hope. That hope is a theme found throughout Scripture, as in the passage that Aaron Bryant brings to you now.

Paul told the church in Rome that our hope will not disappoint. There will be a day when our faith will be made sight.

Yet two things often happen to believers here on earth: 1) we bemoan the fact that we have that hope, but that good things are difficult, or 2) we over-realize the gospel, meaning we believe that, through social justice and good deeds, we can make things here like they once were in Eden.

The truth is, we won't completely eradicate poverty in this fallen world. But we're called to do what we can while we wait and are burdened to see the ultimate Hope—Christ's return—make all things right.