Hear It, Believe It, & Live

January 1, 2012

Aaron Bryant · Nehemiah 8:1-12

In 2012, we’re placing a great deal of emphasis on reading and understanding the Bible. Our prayer is that each of you will take the next step to go deeper into God’s Word than you’ve ever done before. To do that, we’re providing you with a variety of tools.

You can join us in following our daily plan to read the Bible chronologically this year. You can learn more about how the Bible was written and recorded, about the kinds of literature it contains, by watching our DIG videos (BrentwoodBaptist.com/dig). You can make sense of what you’re reading in one of our “Read the Bible for Life” classes that begin on January 11 (BrentwoodBaptist.com/focusstudies).

This week, Aaron Bryant takes us back to a turning point when the people rediscovered the Scriptures. When they heard them, they committed themselves to live in obedience. Without exception, every great movement of God has happened when people begin to take His Word seriously. When we look back at this year in history, we pray that this will be the moment when we did just that.

Happy New Year!