Be Present with God by Praying Scripture

October 15, 2017

Mike Glenn · Mark 15:33-34 · Psalm 22

“The LORD is near to all who call out to Him, all to call out to Him in truth.” —Psalm 145:18

Prayer is a discipline that can be hard, frustrating, and wearisome. It is something we know we are supposed to do, but we find ourselves praying the same things about the same situations and people. Or, we find ourselves thinking about what is going on in our day or the next item on our to-do list rather than talking to God. Prayer is a discipline that can be revolutionized by praying God’s Words back to Him. Praying truths from Scripture for people and situations is a way to maintain focus in prayer and remain present with God throughout the day. Prayer was never intended to be something we dread. Rather, prayer is an invitation to be always in the presence of God.

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