Amazing! God’s Power Over My Life

July 15, 2012

Mike Glenn · Acts 5:21-32

You may notice that things look a little different in here today than usual! Fasten your seatbelts because we're hopping on board the ""Amazing Wonders Aviation"" journey that more than 1,900 kids and leaders have experienced this week in Vacation Bible School.

VBS is the largest evangelistic endeavor our church undertakes during the year! This week, our building has been packed with children—not just our own, but those from our community—who've encountered God like never before.

This year, we're sending out VBS teams from our church to: Americus, Georgia; Thompson's Station, Tennessee; Cape Town, South Africa; Hong Kong; and Tel Aviv, Israel. That means hundreds of children will be impacted, not only on our campus, but all over the globe.

This week, the kids have learned that the same God who has power to create the wonders of the universe has the power over every aspect of their lives. I pray you will learn that this morning as well.