Christmas for the Troops

Christmas for the Troops

Sunday, November 26
Children's Area

This November we are offering a missions opportunity for families that will benefit the men and women serving overseas this holiday season.

What is Christmas for the Troops?
Christmas for the Troops is an opportunity for families to share the hope, peace and love of Christmas with a man or woman serving in the military overseas. We were given several options for things that the soldiers would like to receive when we asked a local military representative but one thing that surprised us what the request for soccer balls, frisbees, etc. The soldiers love to give the local children they meet a ball, frisbee or a small toy, it's one more way that they can give back to the people where they are stationed. So, it's our goal to find 100 families who will work together to fill a box for a soldier and bring it back to the Children's Area by November 26. All gifts will be shipped out November 28-30 so that they arrive in plenty of time for Christmas!

When are the collection dates?
The post office has provided us with boxes and they can be picked up in the Children's Area along with a shopping list beginning November 5. All filled boxes need to be returned to the Children's Area by Sunday, November 26 so we can get them ready to ship!

How can my family participate?
We have 3 different ways you can participate:

  1. Pick-up and fill a box with items from the shopping list and return it along with a check for $15 payable to Brentwood Baptist Church to cover the shipping charges. (Please note "Christmas for the Troops" on the memo line of your check).
  2. Pick-up and fill a box with items from the shopping list for a soldier.
  3. Sponsor a certain number of boxes by covering the shipping charges ($15 per box).

What are some suggestions of what we can include in the box?

  1. Frisbees, deflated balls or small toys
  2. Homemade Christmas card from your family
  3. Powdered Drink Mixes (cocoa, tea, instant coffee, lemonade, etc.)
  4. Meal Enhancers (ramen noodles, seasoned salt, individual packets of hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, etc.)
  5. Energy or Granola Bars
  6. Non-perishable beef jerky or beef summer sausage (must be labeled USDA Beef)
  7. Snacks (small hard containers of chips, pretzels, nuts, etc. Also, snack cakes, cheese crackers and cookies are popular)
  8. Candy or gum (chocolate will probably melt)
  9. Travel size toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, cotton swabs, shampoo, soap, lip balm, aspirin, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, deoordant, etc.)
  10. Paper or note cards and pens
  11. Paperback books, magazines, crossword puzzles, playing cards, etc.
  12. AA batteries (no lithium batteries, alkaline only).

Extra Tips:

  1. Place any items that may leak in a sealed freezer bag.
  2. Do not send any carbonated beverages, fresh fruits or vegetable, lithium batteries or products in aerosol cans.
  3. Do not send any item that looks like a firearm, fireworks or any type of explosive.
  4. Have an idea of something that you would like to send but aren't sure it's okay? Send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll check to see if the item can be sent.