10|31 Treat Your Neighborhood

10|31 Treat Your Neighborhood

Wednesday, October 31
Your Neighborhood

All Wednesday evening church events and activities will be cancelled on October 31 to allow you and your family to be a light in your neighborhood.

“Walk as children of light.” Ephesians 5:8

What would it look like to be the church in your community where you live?

Is it possible to do some small things that give you an opportunity to love on your neighbors?

Think about what it would look like for your home to be focused on treating your neighborhood on October 31 this year.

5 ideas to be a light in your neighborhood

1.    Children create thank you cards to hand out to people who give them candy.
2.    Prayer walk in your neighborhood.
3.    Create a community gathering space in your yard or driveway.
4.    Set-up a prayer box in your driveway or on your porch.
5.    Include a special note or scripture passage on candy that is given out that night.

Prayer Walking Your Neighborhood

Prayer walking has been described as “praying on sight with insight.” It’s simply praying in the places where you expect God to supernaturally work. If you plan to take your family trick-or-treating on October 31, why not be intentional in praying for your neighbors as you go?


•    Open your spiritual eyes. It may be dark outside, but take notice of things like “For Sale” signs, children’s toys or swing sets, handicap ramps, vehicles in the driveway—anything that will prompt you to pray specifically for a home.
•    Involve your children. Allow them to participate in walking and praying too. Encourage them to pray specifically for the homes where other children are living.
•    Be on the scene without making one. No need to draw attention to yourself. Just humbly and quietly pray as you walk.
•    Pray with expectation. Do you expect God to work in the lives of your neighbors? Pray with confidence that He’ll do it and use your family to bring about transformation.

Please let us know how you “walk as children of light” on 1031 this year by using one of the above suggestions or ideas of your own by posting your photos on Facebook & Instagram: #BBC1031.