Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Response • Article from Brentwood Baptist

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Response

The recovery effort from hurricane Harvey in Houston is well underway this week. Some areas are still under water. Others have begun the “mud out” process. “Mud out” means taking all possessions that were under water and piling them on the curb along with all the carpet, drywall, insulation, and any other construction materials that had gotten wet. Miles of such debris line streets. 

Twelve people from Brentwood Baptist are sleeping in camper trailers and bunking with church members for a week while serving flood victims in the name of Christ. People are devastated, having lost most or almost all of their possessions. After working in someone's home for a day, home owners often shed tears of gratitude for the people from Tennessee who care enough to come labor and share Jesus' love with them. 

Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy has become a command center for Southern Baptist disaster relief. They invited us to come and help them. There is a feeding unit in the same parking lot where our team is camping that is preparing 4,000 meals per day for displaced people. This church has opened its doors to both displaced families and displaced churches. 

Your gifts to the Hope For The World Missions Offering and Disaster Relief allow people in Houston to experience the love of Christ while hearing the good news of the gospel. The Brentwood Baptist team presents a Bible to each family they serve; inscribed in it is a message of hope. 

Plans are underway to schedule more teams to serve in Houston. We will also be assessing the situation in Florida and other places affected by Irma. 

Thank you for your generosity; funds have already been put to work, and all donations will be used wisely. Some funds will be used for immediate relief efforts, while other funds will be used for long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts. 

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Pray for protection, hope, and healing. Pray that the church will seize these opportunities to unite and minister in the name of Jesus. Pray that gospel conversations and proclamation will be unhindered and produce much fruit.